The Mourning Dream

by Peter Arvidson

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The debut studio album of singer and songwriter Peter Arvidson. The Mourning Dream's 11 songs combine elements of alternative rock, indie pop, and electro punk.


released January 4, 2014

Mixed, mastered and produced by Stephan Hawkes at Interlace Audio, Portland, OR.

Vocals/Gtar/Bass/Keys performed by Peter Arvidson
Drums performed by Dan Lawrence
Backup vocals performed by Russell Stafford, Travis Williams, McKenna Rose, and Sean-Michael Berahmand
Additional lead guitar and bass work by Stephan Hawkes
Viola performed on Sea King by Nick Damian

Album photography by Jessica Lince Photography
Album front cover artwork by Michael Morris and David Starck

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Peter Arvidson Portland, Oregon

The works of Portland, OR, singer and songwriter, Peter Arvidson.

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Track Name: Stars
You woke up late this morning
Your body senses warnings
You stumble around for things but listen to me and know
It's never too late to dream when everyone else is asleep

There is a stubborn panic
A rumbling inside your bones
Somewhere off in the distance
Comes a ruckus from the belly of the earth below

Wake up, you're falling asleep again
You know it's not fair
Wake up, now what do you dream?
When all your stars are falling down

The lights went out in the attic
This isn't quite how you planned it
A celebration of the madness
Now put your shades on, get your shoes on, we're about to leave the planet

A lighthouse was built for your eyes to wander up it
A certain kind of secret best kept will rise when your dead
C'mon let's take control and dream up something better
We'll color the air with all our crazy thoughts uncensored

One day you will wake up a warrior and rise above
You'll turn suffer into might, you'll find a way to stay alive
Now all your stars burn bright
Track Name: Stable Machine
What's with the hype surrounding us
You brought the fight, now I'll bring the punch
Trust me when I say that we're going down, going down

Haunted hallways as a past time
Sippin' on dreams just to survive
Celebrity sells, but all these dragons are making me melt

And once we come alive tonight
Internal pressure is building up outside
Come bust us up, combustion sucks, but it's needed for good luck
Prove to me, prove to me
That we can build a stable machine
That we can build a stable machine

What's with the shame effecting us
You brought so much but I fear your touch
Trust me when I say we're over now, over now

Tell me everything you're facing
We're going back to the basics
All in good time, I think I just saved my life

Talk to me, we never sleep
Without some means of thinking on our feet

Science pressure, robotic gestures
We've got to build a life full of pleasure
Soon you'll see, soon you'll see
We've got to build a stable machine
We've got to build a stable machine

Now where are we going? (Where are we going?)
And where have you been? (Where have you been?)
I'd like to thank this life we've shared for breaking us in
For breaking us in
Prove to me, prove to me
That we can build a stable machine
That we can build a stable machine
Track Name: Little Fish
I am a little bit, I am a little bit denied, what am I for?
I am a little bit, but not the very least bit surprised for what's in store
Don't you take me at your word, don't you tell
You're gonna take me at my word, what do you spell?
In the throat, on the road, in the car, I can sell
You're gonna take me at my word my autumn belle
Going down the road
Umbrellas pop open, abandon your focus

Take me at my word, I will be here
I'll be here to guide you, I will light the flame
I'll let it burn up, i'll burn it inside you
We're going to escape

Inside my house I have my own rules
Behind the glass I am the super fool
I'm marking the exits, I'm marking the exits
I'm twisting the bars and the monkey goes
Far off into the summer shows
Well what does he know? What does he know?

I'm a little fish in the mix of this
I'm a little fish on your party list
I'm a little fish in the mix of this
I guess you couldn't get A list?
I'm the destructive lips that you want to kiss
And I'm a little fish in the mix of this
It's never the time to define what is mine
In the shadows I roam until the day you come home

Burn, burn, burn, burn
Gonna' let it burn
Gonna' let it burn
Gonna' let it burn
Let it burn

Going to escape, we're going to escape
We're going to escape, we're going to escape
Track Name: The Resistance
You know you want to trust them
You know you want to trust them all
The greedy grinding of your pen
Signs lives away, it becomes a literal fiction

When my brainial levels are active
Is when I use a bit more subtraction
It's when I become less attractive

Shack up breathing, X achieving, pistols drawn, pointed at the ceiling
In the back you'll feel relaxed, you take a seat, you wear this hat
Now reach into your holsters, gents, draw out your guns and love the resistance

I never wanted to be the only one
The only one who's not having fun
I never wanted to be
The only one awake in this dream

Closing borders, hazy murders, subtleties of loving further
Shotgun alleys, band-aid sorries, watering a dried up valley
In the wild old west, a face off,
It's a gun show to take the edge off
Bring in more of what you got
We'll have an old fashioned send off

I am the moon and the stars
I am the faceless shards
I'll vibrate to where you are
I never wanted to be
An actor in this pointless story

Some say, some say
some say, some say
There's a riddle in your head
There's a demon, he loves you instead

I'll shoot the moon and the stars
Forgive my raging heart
I'll survive my walk in the dark
I never wanted to be
An actor in this pointless story

I never wanted, I never wanted to be
I never wanted, I never wanted to be
I never wanted to be
Track Name: Sea King
Angel, pretty, believe, believe me
I'm coming for you now

Sugar, sweetheart, you're pullin' me apart
You suffocate my heart
Well I wanted to restart

Well I deserve to be free on my own
Well I am here, I came here to rock the boat
Well I'd rather be rowing all alone
And don't forget I'm king of the sea and it's time to sail home
It's time to come home

Darlin', baby, please forgive, please please please forgive me
I swear it's the last time
Well if that's true, why are you still alive?

I'm coming for you now
In the dark, who will hear you shout?
Beautiful, who will hear you shout?
I have you, inside, and out

Bastard, selfish
Please take your hooks out of my fins
I know it's scary to lose control
Well honey, I just don't want to die alone
Track Name: The Royal Disease
From the back of an old car seat
You saw lust and envy
Driving down the interstate
Drinkin' with your enemies

In a flash I saw the meaning of it all

You're never never never alone
I have the shame and the past we've made
You'll never never never go home
Now promise me you'll forget my name

The very next place that you saw
Was a castle in the sky
And when you arrived a voice came up
He whispered "you're alive"

Lower the gates and let me in
I'm running for my life
"Well please come right in, stop running,
You're just in time"

In a flash I saw
The lights beyond the walls

I am tired tree, I am standing here nuzzling the breeze
What do you want from me? We've got the royal disease

We're just sittin' here playing cards
I think it's time to leave the bar
This old song we sing is a pity
The stars they always say that "What you get is fitting"

I'm never never never alone
Forget your shame, and the past we've made
I'll never never never go home
I promise you i'll remember your name

My heart feels like nothing here is real
My soul explodes with silent colors and restless chills
Track Name: Night Creature
Well I waltzed onto the floor with a dance like any other
I was looking for a friend not just another lover
A salute to the guys that even ever tried to bother
With that red hair burning fire set everything a flutter
And then I start my slightly struttin' stride
Over to you as two sweaty salty bodies collide

My hands started dirty dancin'
lips moved with what I call attraction

I want you, gotta' have you, honey, baby I got you

Come on and turn me on (I wanna' turn you on)
I want the feeling of you (Baby don't you stop)
I want you out of control, I need you wet for the show
Whatever makes you feel whole, until you explode
Siren my love, I want to take you

Innocence in my throat was trying to save me (Baby what's wrong?)
I told you its a joke, I said I'm just feeling lazy (Come on baby please?)
And so we sat up and smoked, I was nervous to the bone, I told you I want control and stay away from my soul
I'll take what I want before you try to play me

We crashed through your apartment door (Uh, huh)
Against the wall, remove your clothes, behind the fridge and on the floor

I want you, gotta have you, honey, baby I got you

I spy with my hazy brown eyes a quaint little bedroom that's lookin' pretty nice
I sigh with a Cheshire smile a fancy little thing that really wants to get wild
"Mister don't you bullshit my bullshit"
Honey I got other entertainment
"Well I guess I really shouldn't complain then"
Well sink, line, and hooker
I really got you baited

Siren my love I wanna' take you home
Take you home
Track Name: The Hero's Age
I'm not afraid to say my name
The waters wait for you
I can't explain what it means to fade
Awake I was painting shades

Laughing with friends inside of tents
This song could end but who wants that?

Across a wire, stretch the seas
A land of phantoms loving me
Far away the brightest glare
Telegraph please take me there

Somehow I have wilted
Somehow I feel strange
Somewhere I existed
Somehow not the same
Somehow not the same

Solitude is born
Shaping up the skies
Echoed through a horn
Well I am still alive, where the hell is my prize?
All the static acrobats seeping through the cracks

I am still awake
And I still can taste
Sudden comfort, easy comfort
Surely I must suffer
A sexy hand grenade to my head
Well I don't know but I can feel it detonate my friends

Creepin' up to the hero's shore
I can wash away the storm
With a snap and a pop
Well I just push you to see how much you've got

I can say my name
Not the same
Track Name: Breaking The Sun
Take the long way home and drive all night
Take the long way home until the street lamps fade
Tell me who's alive in a world so foreign
Tell me who will shine in this sick new order

Tell me once, tell me to hide again
I told you twice, that you're not my friend
Well I can fix, I can stitch the ends
You'll break apart when I'm missed

And I, I will not be found
Down the block with all the cool kids in town
No I'll be in the back doing my own stuff
Well you can always count on me when things get a little rough

We're breaking the sun, your story works well
Not easy to share, tell me
Are we having fun?
I'm having all kinds with my white lies
Track Name: Fortune Fades
The night took us away
To a place where we felt safe
It wasn't a brutal assault
But it hurt enough to end us all

The light wasn't on our side
You only have this one time
To get it right, why don't you confide all your secrets
inside my mind
Inside my mind

There was a place way out west
That held a restless ghost dripping sweat
Slowly rising, we felt assured
It was a pretty scary thing that we all observed

Hollywood won't hold me down
No, 'I've got stars buried underground
Lonely thoughts going on and on
I really think its for the best that I got lost

What do you say when the colors change?
What do you do, when you lose your cool?
What do you say, when reality fades?
What do you cry, when your music dies?
When your music...

Well I won't, I won't, I won't be like the rest
I will, I will, I will, I will start out fresh
I have, I have, I haven't messed up yet
I will, I will, I will, I will be my best
Inside my mind
Track Name: Sheets
They're coming to get me as I set the rose on fire
Standing up still, i'm standing up still
The night's ending early and you've still stuck around
Do you know where we go when we burn up?
Will the world still turn by sun up?

Do you recollect, did we collect, all this emotionless, nonsensical bullshit? Can you define?
The line where it stops, can you shake it all off and say "No thanks i'm done, i'm gone out the door"
I've been here before, well

Time and again when you go to sleep
Do you have a friend, does he bring his own sheets?
I'm willing to bet you wouldn't work for free
So why'd you do it for me?

Well up in the rafters where we always sat and played
Chanting up songs of days long gone
We're telling our fortunes and selling our ideas
Of a future that's so unlikely, well your love was so unlike me

Do you recognize the sad disguise, those pitiful eyes are here to suffocate your mind
I hope it feels like an uncomfortable glove, fire hell from above
A superior drug, that gets you so high, well

And now you've lost your wing
And now you've lost your wing

Why'd you do it for me?

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