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Starstruck ft. Sara Arvidson (Ry Spears Mix)

from Endless Summers by Peter Arvidson



And I hit the dance floor
And I ask for a little more
DJ turn up that song now
I want to feel you right now

And I see you turn my way
And I see you get that way
I see we both are awake
So, let's fly across the dance floor

And we spin around, and our arms go
And we look like we're about to tango
And we feel each other's breath
Right upon our necks

And we look up to the sky
And we feel it passing by
Spirits all in a line
All you need is love

We're nada nada nothing
We're nada nada nothing
We're nada nada nothing
Except space dust, we are star stuff

As the tequila hits our throats
I really think this is no joke
And the streets, they're pouring in
To every little thing that we win

Went through that way
Go through that phase
Can you bring it?
The vibration's ringing

In my ears, I feel it like we've been here for years
And we both look at each other, and we know that
We'll hold each other dear
Well, if it's only going to be this night
Can you keep me alive?
Can you keep me in line?

We are star stuff
We are space dust
Diamonds in the rough

Struck, middle of the road
A little curious about each other, and we're furious
How did we get here, are we stuck here?
How do we get out of here?
It's so heavy I don't know if I can hear you

We are starstruck
we are space dust
We are diamonds in the rough

And we can feel the thrust
And the heat, and the combustion
Makes us feel that suction
Makes us feel that everything

We are starstruck now


from Endless Summers, released May 1, 2022
Instrumental by Sionya
Backing vocals by Sara Arvidson
Additional instruments by Ry Spears
Mixed by Ry Spears




Peter Arvidson Portland, Oregon

"Peter takes the infectiousness and melodic sensibilities of pop music, blends it with the chiming coolness of indie and then delivers it with just enough rock swagger to create a sound that feels uniquely his own." - entropymag.org/peter-arvidson-a-new-wilderness/ ... more

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